I Suck at Drawing

I’ve never been good at drawing. Art has never been my forte.

This has been a problem for my game development. Having an amazing game can make up for not so great art. Having great art can make up for a not so great game. Unfortunately for me, my mediocre games don’t benefit at all from my lousy game art.

I’ve tried to do better. Since I really can’t draw, I’ve attempted to do more pixelated style game art. All of the games I’ve developed thus far, have had really bad art. Just take a look at the examples littered around this page.

Now, I’m not one for resolutions. I don’t see why there is one time of year for making changes. I just happen to be doing this at the beginning of the year. I’ve decided I want to improve my drawing skills. I’m watching videos, and following tutorials. What I’m really hoping will help the most is that I’m trying to practice for a bit EVERY day. Just drawing, and accumulating some experience.

I’m looking for resources that help with understanding elements that make up different art styles. I don’t expect to ever be drawing photo realistic portraits. I’ll never be van Gogh. I’m OK with that. I just want to make some artwork for my games that doesn’t make me cringe to look at. I mean, if I don’t want to look at it, why would anyone else?

My first goal is to learn some techniques for drawing simple art styles. I plan on doing some research about different art styles used in games. I’ll try to learn some techniques for drawing this art. I’ll attempt to practice daily.

Something else I plan to do is utilize my practice art to make simple game-like objects. Basically, I’ll drop some of this art into Unity and practice making animations, and interactions. This way, I’ll be exercising my art skills, and getting in some Unity coding practice as well.

Now, I’m a gearhead. No doubt about that. So I am using some fancy tools to try to help my progress. I got myself a Wacom smart stylus, and an inexpensive drawing app for my iPad. Now, the rest is up to me…