2018 Holiday Break

Every year, in December, I end up taking some much needed vacation time. During this time, I often work on projects and spend time with the family. 2018 was no different. This time around, I had a few objectives.

I decided it’s finally time to learn Python. I took a look at it a few years ago, and pretty much just shrugged it off. I’ve been programming in C/C#/Java/Swift and similar languages for a LONG time. It’s been pretty easy to switch between them, as they all have a basic structure. Blocks are defined by curly braces {}. Declare strongly typed variables. You know, the basics.

Then, along comes Python. Where are my curly braces? No variable declarations? WHITESPACE MATTERS?!?!? What gives?

Well, I finally got some time to give it a try, and I have to say, I’m liking it. I’m still not sold on the structure, using indenting instead of curly braces for blocks. I also struggle with not declaring variables, as I often can’t figure out what variable types are. Then I learned about the slice. Such a simple, elegant thing. How much Java code would it take to print the last 6 letters of a string reversed? I’m sold!

I started dabbling in machine learning. It’s a fascinating topic with many real-world applications. I’m just beginning to learn the fundamentals. I have a long way to go. I do have several ideas that I want to purse, so I’m sure you’ll see more here in the future.

I also launched this website. I’ve been wanting a place where I can share ideas, projects, nonsense, etc. I finally decided to just get this thing going. So, here it is!

I’ve got to go read up some more on multiple linear regression, and K nearest neighbors. Wish me luck!