My name is Jim Haslett. This is a site about, well, me!

I’ve been an IT professional since the mid 1990s. I’ve supported PCs running everything from MS-DOS/Windows 3.1 right up to modern Windows/Linux/MacOS systems. I’ve supported servers running Windows, Linux, HP-UX, and Solaris. I’ve had my hands in Oracle, SQL, MySQL, and probably a couple other database engines. I’ve managed email servers, LDAP directory servers, web servers, Active Directory servers, NAS appliances, ERP systems, PBXs, video conference systems, you name it.

For that last several years, I’ve been specializing in networking. I’ve managed firewalls, VPN solutions, wireless, metro area networks, wide area networks, and of course local area networks. I’ve had experience managing networks in four different continents. I’ve worked with dial-up, my first modem was about 300 baud, used strictly for BBSs (I’ve hosted several). I’ve managed frame-relay, at whopping speeds of up to 56 Kb/s. About the largest I work with now are 10 Gb/s circuits. We’ve come a long way since I got started.

I’ve been programming since I was lad in the mid 1980s. I’ve programmed in Basic, Pascal, C, C++, Perl, PHP, C#, Java, Swift, Python, and probably others I’ve forgotten. I’ve coded on or for TRS-80 systems, Commodore, Apple ][, IBM PC, Solaris, Linux, Arduino, MacOS, and iPhone. The most unusual thing I can remember programming was a BBN Butterfly that we had to do an assignment on at university.

I’m currently employed by a large hospital system, as a solutions architect. That’s a fancy way of saying that I design, install, and maintain large complex network installations in hospitals, data centers, and ancillary facilities. While I do a small amount of programming for my employer, it’s mostly limited to scripting for the purposes of automation. Usually, it’s just to make my job easier.

The real programming that I do is pretty much all for fun. I’ve been known to program for projects, such as microcontroller based projects, or the occasional data transfer/manipulation script. The bulk of my programming really is about game development.